Tort Litigation

Kilmer, Voorhees & Laurick attorneys deal with all types of tort matters, from simple soft tissue to complex, multi-million dollar injury. Our attorneys routinely litigate personal injury cases in Oregon and Washington in both federal and state court and have been doing so since 1985. Our attorneys have the experience and skill to give you an efficient, solution-oriented approach that will give you a reasoned, unbiased analysis of liability and damages along with aggressive negotiation and courtroom skill. We specialize in standard negligence claims, premises liability claims, and claims against insurers.

Standard tort negligence is the area of practice that involves any matter in which a plaintiff or claimant alleges physical or mental injury or death that allegedly resulted from a defendant’s work, conduct, property, or product. Claims of injury of these types arise from many diverse contexts and can be based on a wide range of legal theories.

Claims based on premises liability arise from injury to visitors to the residential or commercial property of others. The attorneys of Kilmer, Voorhees & Laurick are highly experienced in building strong defenses to both routine and novel premises liability claims ranging from simple slip/trip and fall claims to falling objects to hidden dangers. Matters of this nature often require the careful scrutiny of the medical and economic damages. The attorneys of Kilmer, Voorhees & Laurick will quickly and efficiently learn your business and the nature of the plaintiff’s injuries for an efficient but complete defense of the client.

The attorneys of Kilmer, Voorhees & Laurick also have unparalleled experience in Uninsured, Underinsured, and Personal Injury Protection claims. We represent insurer interests in both pre-and post-litigation matters from the initial investigative phase, conducting examinations under oath, providing coverage opinions, and through the final litigation of a first-party case. Our experience helps insurers avoid common pitfalls, and helps them navigate through the peculiarities of Oregon and Washington statutes, rules, and procedures. We also assist insurers in recovering benefits to the extent allowed by either state.

Practice Group Attorneys

Candice R. Broock
Christopher T. Carson
James P. Laurick
Robert B. Miller
Of Counsel
Robert C. Muth
Peter J. Viteznik