Professional Liability Defense

Our lawyers are often hired to defend other professionals who are being accused of negligence or other forms of malpractice. We understand that these claims often strike at the heart of who our client believes him or herself to be. With that in mind, we analyze each situation to determine whether the action is brought by a disgruntled client, without basis, or whether a mistake really did cause some damage to the professional’s client.

Our goal is to strike a balance between vigorously defending claims on their merits, while also recognizing those situations where an early negotiated resolution is appropriate.

In the context of legal negligence, in addition to working with professionals after a claim is brought, our attorneys are often called upon to remedy a situation before a claim develops. In doing so, we sometimes act behind the scenes to assist other attorneys in correcting mistakes or to obtain the best possible outcome in light of a mistake. These claims often require immediate attention, and we are available to step in, quickly absorb the facts and circumstances, and propose and implement a course of action. Many times this must be accomplished within a very compressed timeframe.

In every situation, we work closely with our client to act in his or her best interest.

Practice Group Attorneys

Christopher T. Carson
Robert B. Miller
Of Counsel